Civil Aviation



CELAB matured in these years a wide experience in the qualification tests defined by the civil and military aviation.
CELAB is also part of the EUROCAE ED 14 working group, joint group for the same standard. In this environment, it continuously exchanges information with the members of the group (with companies such as Honeywell, Eurocopter, Airbus, Sagem and others). Thanks to these cooperation, we are able to have super partes interpretations of the requirements of the DO 160, as well as information on its evolution.


In our laboratories, it is possible to perform almost all the tests either of electromagnetic compatibility or environmental tests, in compliance with the DO 160 standards.
In particular, we perform tests for the respective editions of the standards RTCA DO 160 (from A to G) and EUROCAE ED 14 (C, D, F, G).


So, on your devices we can:

  • perform the qualification tests required by the standard;
  • prepare the testing plans needed for the qualifications (QTP, Qualification Test Procedures);
  • carry out the correctness certifications on the test documents (QTR, Qualification Test Report);
  • carry out witnessing auditing on the tests performed in other laboratories or other offices;
  • provide the interpretation of the DO 160/ED 14 standard;
  • report to the RTCA/EUROCAE working groups the modification requirements of the standard for the future editions.


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