Notified Body

A Notified Body is a certification body authorized by the National Accreditation Body and recognized by the European Commission, which is responsible for assessing the conformity of products with the provisions laid down by the European Directives with competence, transparency, neutrality and independence.
For some directives, in fact, the European Union has decided that the manufacturer was in need of an external evaluation of its technical construction files and, in some cases, a real endorsement required by the Notified Body.
The recognition is in two stages:
In the first, the national accreditation body (in Italy, Accredia), credits the institution through a harmonized supporting standard (EN 17065 in Italy).
In the second, the Ministry of Economic Development to the European Union notified the organization’s name.
CELAB srl is accredited by Accredia for EN 17065 standard.
CELAB srl is Notified Body No. 2037 for EMC Directive (2014/30/UE).
CELAB Srl is Italian office of CELAB Ltd, Notified Body No. 2559 for RTTE Directive (1999/5/EC).
Only certificates issued as a notified body have legal force and can be used in law areas.
Voluntary Certificates do not report the number of the body and they are not released with those purposes.
For each Directive are set specific work limits, see in detail the activities of Notified Body for each of those listed.

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