CELAB’s testing laboratory works in according to the EN 17025 standard by the Communication Ministry and it’s equipped to offer tests in many areas as electromagnetic, electric safety and environmental tests.


It has many facilities, including:
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Biological Chamber
  • Environmental chambers from 6 to 10 meters
  • Shacker for vibration tests
  • Specific set-up for tests in military and aviation environment
  • Test area for classified products
  • Test area on Fungus
  • EMC area test with anechoic chamber up to 26 GHz
  • Test area of LVD safety
  • Equipment for Lightening tests
  • Equipment for Salt and Fog tests
  • Equipment for Sand and Dust tests
We are able to have test set-up of various kinds, even complex, upon the client’s specifications.


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