R&TTE Testing



The radio and telecommunications terminal equipment is a trade that covers a wide variety of equipment for everyday use. This sector, in Europe, is regulated by the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC.
The field of application of the Directive covers:
  • the radio receivers and/or transmitters (e.g. cellular, components of alarm systems by radio, microwave detectors, remote controls and similar)
  • the telecommunications terminal equipment (e.g. telephones, modems, fax machines, telephone dialers)
The Directive regulates that manufacturers have the responsibility to ensure compliance with the essential requirements of their product before it is placed on the market. The person responsible for placing the product on the market (manufacturer or importer) must adopt an “harmonized” procedure provided for the assessment of conformity, which guarantees the free movement of products throughout Europe.
CELAB, member of the www.redca.eu (European Working Group of Notified Bodies for the preparation of the R&TTE Directive) is the right partner for the checks provided by the R&TTE Directive EC 1999/05, coming to the aid of those who need to ensure compliance of their product before placing it on the market.
CELAB srl is also the national representative of CELAB Ltd, Notified Body N.2559 for EMC and R&TTE Directive by the European Union.
CELAB provides testing services for the purposes of CE marking for radio equipment and telecommunications in accordance with the requirements of the Directives on Low Voltage (LVD), Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and the specifications of the R&TTE (effective use of the radio spectrum).
To meet the requirements of the Directive, CELAB offers practical support through:
  • Conformity tests for all the essential requirements of the Directive
  • Environmental qualification tests of telecommunications terminal equipment
  • Assistance in the definition of the technical documentation
  • Support for information on the characteristics of the radio interface assigned, on the applicable technical standards and related tests
  • Evaluation of technical documentation and definition of radio tests to affix the CE mark


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