DO-160 | Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility

RTCA DO-160 – Section 22.0 – Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility


These test methods and procedures are provided to verify the capability of equipment to withstand a selection of test transients defined in this section which are intended to represent the induced effects of lightning.
The waveforms and levels, and the pass/fail criteria for equipment performance during the test shall be listed in the applicable equipment specification.
Two groups of tests may be used for equipment qualification:
  • The first is a damage tolerance test performed using pin injection.
  • The second group evaluates the functional upset tolerance of equipment when transients are applied to interconnecting cable bundles.
Cable bundle tests include single stroke, multiple stroke, and multiple burst, response tests (hereafter referred to as single stroke, multiple stroke and multiple burst). Cable bundle tests can also provide an indication of damage tolerance.


DO-160 is a standard for environmental test on avionics equipment published by RTCA, the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. The DO 160 G was amended and now all guideline inside it are replaced by the DO 357.
On our website you can find only some abstracts of the document, for the full text of the guideline you have to purchased it from RTCA.
We remember you that now DO 160 G cannot be read without DO 357.
If you need any interpretation regarding the text of such standard, please contact CELAB.
CELAB is the only Italian (and one of the few European) member of the RTCA Special Committee 135, the commettee for devolpment of DO 160 G.


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