Voluntary Certificate


CELAB performs inspections on the technical construction files of the manufacturers or their suppliers. The inspection is voluntary and it is not carried out as a notified body.


The activity consists in the inspection of technical documentation in order to verify the compliance of different aspects, including:
  • if the standards used are harmonized with the Directive
  • if the report contains evidence compliance to the harmonized standards
  • if the declaration of conformity mentions properly harmonized standards
  • if there is a user manual
  • if the product label provides the CE marking
  • if there is a model of the declaration of conformity
The result of the audit is an opinion, expressed in the form of certificate, in which is attested a traceable and reliable opinion by CELAB. Verification is an activity carried out on a voluntary basis, as an independent third party, and it is never consultancy. For these reasons, it is named “voluntary certificate“.


These certificates are used only in the following cases:
  1. to show your customers that you have made the technical tests and that there is a technical file concerning the CE marking, but without showing your documentation;
  2. to allow your management to have an inspection on the documentation in order to assess the compliance with the requirements of the Directives;
  3. to evaluate your suppliers’ technical file when you have no technical skills or when the supplier does not want to show his client directly the technical file.
The certificates are identified as Certificate and Certificate (use of standard).
The use of voluntary certificate is closely linked to the following terms, please do not use certificates for any purpose until you have read carefully the following regulation.


  1. Issue of certificates
The certificates are issued on a voluntary basis and upon request of the manufacturer. They are issued on a product after reviewing the documentation concerning the technical file and are only issued if, in the opinion of a CELAB technician, the technical construction file (test reports, documentation, instruction manual) conforms to the essential requirements of the directives.
Note: The technical requirements are related to the physical properties of the product and not to its production or to the legal requirements with the directives. The certificates provided by CELAB are not related to the product, the production, the legal requirements, the work that has been done or will be done by notified bodies.
  1. Validity of certificates
All certificates have 4 years of validity. After this time the certificates are no longer valid.
  1. Withdrawal of certificates
The certificates are withdrawn if there are reasonable justifications that the product does not comply with requirements of the Directive or when this regulation is not applied.
  1. Responsibility of the manufacturer
Because many directives require the use of a notified body, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or his representative in Europe to apply the requirements of the directives and to involve a body where required.
This regulation must always be delivered with the certificate as part of the same. The use of the certificate without this Regulation annexed is not allowed or acceptable.
It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to comply with the requirements of the law for the CE mark.
  1. Responsibility of CELAB
CELAB not assume any product liability. In the event of notice from the market, CELAB will investigate the complaint and, if found acceptable, the certificate will be withdrawn.
CELAB is NOT responsible for the product, the production, the importation, the distribution, the sale, the advertising, the technical assistance or consultancy, or act as trustee.
The certificates are a technical opinion provided as a private company and does not provide any guarantee that the product meets the requirements of the Directive or of the law. CELAB is NOT responsible for the CE marking of the product shown on the certificate.
  1. Responsibilities of the user of the certificate
The user of the certificate must obtain a copy of the test report from the manufacturer and will be responsible for the technical dossier.
The user of the certificate assumes all responsibility for the use of the same. These certificates have no legal value, other than the case in which they are used between private companies with specific agreements between them.
The user certificate must comply with the requirements specified in the directives.
The user certificates should not lead the market with a different intended use of these certificates different from that stated in this contract. The use of these certificates is restricted to experts of CE marking which include the use of these certificates and not for the general public. Certificates can not be used in such a way that they can be confusing to the public.
Users of these certificates do not use them for customs purposes or to control by the public authorities.
  1. Certificate Purpose
The aims of this kind of certificate are:
Allow to demonstrate to a customer that the product has been tested without the need to provide a copy of the test report (if this is acceptable to the producer and his client).
To allow a client to have the evidence that the product documentation has been verified by an independent third party on a voluntary basis.
The certificate provides an added value for the customer in the situation where the manufacturer does not want to show his customer test reports (except as required by law).
This certificate can only be used to prove that a product was really tested between companies that recognize this Regulation.
This certificate is NOT required by law (it is voluntary) and it is intended for use between private companies for commercial use.
This certificate is NOT a CELAB authorization to apply the CE mark to a product.
This certificate can NOT be used to demonstrate product compliance to the authorities or to controls by governments.
This certificate is NOT a legal requirement to affix the CE marking on the product.
Please, note that some directives require the use of Notified Bodies: the certificate of conformity is NOT related to the activities of the Notified Bodies and is NOT related to the legislative requirements.
The certificate is an opinion of CELAB that the manufacturer can affix the CE marking on the product if it has been in compliance with the requirements of the applicable directives.
The certificates are technical opinions issued by CELAB to the manufacturer in which CELAB certify its opinion to the compliance between the product and the requirements of the standards and/or of the directives.
The certificates of compliance are NOT issued with the role or tasks of notified body or accredited laboratory or certification body.
NOTICE: Do not confuse this kind of certificate with a certificate issued by notified bodies. If in doubt about the use of this certificate, do not use it and ask to an expert or contact CELAB at: [email protected]
  1. Conservation of the technical file
The technical file is NOT normally stored in CELAB. After reviewing the documents, they  are NOT stored in CELAB databases. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to keep the documents available to the authorities for legal requirements. CELAB is NOT responsible for the storage of the technical files.
Note: The technical file MUST be stored in Europe.
  1. General information concerning the CE marking
The people/companies/organizations involved in the CE marking of products are responsible for the activities specified in the directives. We recommend to search all information about the CE marking, as well as the full text of the directives at the following website:
You can not use the voluntary certificate for any use different from that indicated without prior and express authorization of CELAB. The certificates are used only for purposes authorized by law.
WARNING: The certificates issued as notified body have uses completely different from voluntary. The Voluntary Certificates have nothing to do with the certificates issued as a Notified Body. Do not confuse the two types of certificates, if in doubt please contact CELAB.
WARNING: The voluntary certificate is not for customs purposes or to demonstrate to the supervisory compliance with the requirements of the CE marking of a product.

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