Audit and Attestation

Celab provides audits compliant with the EN 17020 standard.
The inspections include:
  • Pre-shipment audit of material imported from China to Europe or exported from Italy to other countries;
  • Audit of the technical dossier to assess if they comply with the requirements of the applicable directives, issuing a voluntary certificate;
  • Audit of the test reports of other laboratories about MIL STD or DO 160 tests, for verification of its conformity with the requirements of the applicable standards and requirements of the product.

Pre-shipment inspections

The pre-shipment service checks the consistency between the statement and the goods exported, so that the goods loaded in the container meets the requirements set by the client (for example, with regard to the safety features, quantity, type, workmanship, functionality, color, size, packaging, labeling, size and range of products). After all checks a detailed report is issued.
For purchasing managers, the release of an audit report is an important tool to guarantee the compliance of the batch and also offers an authoritative support for the control activities of the customs authorities. Verification protects both the importing companies, helping them to reduce the risk of fraud and any negligence, both exporting companies, in case of a legal dispute related to goods arriving at their destination damaged or missing parts.
The pre-shipment inspections are proposed for all product categories and not just to those of traditional CELAB expertise.

Control over the production process of the manufacturer

Italian companies that import products from China want to run more checks on the production processof their suppliers.
CELAB is able to offer, through qualified partners, various control services and support, at the request of the customer.
First of all the service of on-site provider audit, which allows you to have first confirmation of the real existence of the company in China, and then it has followed the activities required by the customer.

Voluntary Certification

CELAB performs inspections on technical dossiers of the manufacturers or their suppliers. The activity is voluntary and is not carried out as a notified body.
The outcome of this verification is an opinion expressed by CELAB in the traceable and reliable form of a certificate. Verification is an activity carried out on a voluntary basis, as an independent third party, and in no event can be considered an advice. For these reasons, it is called “voluntary certificate”, identifiable with the name: “Certificate/Certificate (use of standard)“.

Technical assistance to import products from China

CELAB can provide technical assistance to identify and understand correctly the standards and the European Directives applicable to the products, and the tests necessary to verify their compliance with these requirements, as well as the legal and technical documentation required by the main directives.


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