Our softwares

Celab created several certification aid software that allow users to be always up to date on the directives in force and to create documents and files online as they wish.

The list of currently active software can be summarized as follows:


The “DO 160 TEST PLAN GENERATOR” software is accessible on https://app.do160.org. It is a web application that allows users to create QTP (Qualification Test Procedure) directly online. The use is very simple: just create the project and fill in all the details of your products (Units, Samples or even groups). Subsequently, through the automation provided by the application, it will be possible to choose which tests to perform. To do this, simply select the sections of the DO-160 and fill in the required data. The procedures will be updated automatically but you can also customize them to your liking. At the end of the process it will be possible to download the QTP both in PDF and WORD format


The “EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY” software is accessible on https://ce-marking.help. It is a Web application that allows users to have a complete overview of the CE marking sector. The software offers many tools: from the search engine to the private area with its own declarations of conformity. The application allows you to draw up declarations of conformity directly online. It also allows you to always be aware of the latest active standards thanks to a simple but effective search engine. The ability to work in a team by sharing access to your account has also been added


The “RISK ANALYSIS” software is accessible on https://riskanalysis.celab.com. It is a web application that allows users to perform risk analysis directly from their PC. The user can choose to use predefined schemes created by the system, or create his own. Personalization is one of the key points of this software through which the user can create customized templates using formulas, dynamic fields etc …


The “TEST PLAN GENERATOR” software is accessible on https://milstd.net. The application allows users to create a test plan, obtaining an estimate of the expected times. The user can fill in his test plan by inserting the tests from those available (MIL STD 810G, MIL STD 461G, DO160-G) or freely enter a test. The realization of the test plan is also available without registering, but registered users will have access to a private area where they can store all the test plans created, store, download and create new versions.