Impartiality Policy



CELAB is aware that one of the main objectives is to infuse all the involved parties with confidence.
To convey confidence, it is essential to ensure the respect of the impartiality principle: decisions result of objective evidence of compliance (or non compliance) and not influenced by other interests or other parties.
CELAB therefore:
  • Recognizes the importance of the impartiality in performing its activities
  • Manages conflicts of interest
  • Ensures the objectivity of its activities
In this context, CELAB commits to ensure the correct management of:
Conflicts of interest, of the internal and/or external staff, through:
  • Preparation of analysis and assessments of the threats to impartiality
  • Preparation of commitments to confidentiality and absence of conflicts of interest to be signed by all the parties involved in different ways in the activity of the body
  • Providing an external Committee to save the impartiality, ensuring the non-implementation of discriminatory behaviours
Objectivity of all the activities through:
  • Providing assessors and qualified experts and with adequate technical skills to perform the activities
  • Providing internal qualified staff for the management of the activities to ensure large procedural and technical knowledge
  • Providing a deliberative body, in which reside the technical competences in order to issue the certifications, with tasks and powers described in the regulation of certification to guarantee the competences
Impartial behaviour through:
  • Preparation of a tariff, subjected to the approval of the Committee for the protection of the impartiality, in which the criteria for the formulation of the quotations as well as, the criteria for the application of eventual discounts are reported
  • Timely management of the complaints through third-party and independent management
  • Application and respect of the code of ethics and of behaviour