History and Numbers


Our History

2015      CELAB is accredited EN 17065 by ACCREDIA for EMC and LVD Directive
2012      CELAB becomes Notified Body No. 2037 by the European Union for the LVD Directive
2012      CELAB is accredited EN 45011 by ACCREDIA for the EMC and LVD Directives
2008      CELAB becomes Notified Body  No. 2037 by the European Union for the EMC Directive
2006      New testing laboratory (1.200 m2)
2006      CELAB issues the first certificate for the privacy
2006      CELAB becomes Notified Body for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Directive)
2006      CELAB  laboratory is accredited EN 17025 by the Italian Ministry of Communications
2005      SINCERT (now ACCREDIA), national accreditation body, puts CELAB in the list of the companies that operate in compliance with the RT05 regulation in the construction industry (EA28)
2005      CELAB is a supplier qualified by ELETTRONICA spa (ELT) for tests in military environment
2004      Opening of the biological laboratory for fungus testing on military equipment
2003      Signing of the agreement between QEC Ltd and CELAB: Celab becomes the exclusive agent for Italy of the English certification body QEC, ISO9001 certification body
2003      New laboratory CELAB (600 m2)
2002      CELAB Srl is founded
2000      New laboratory CELAB (200 m2)
2000      Beginning of the testing activities in the military sector
1998      Opening of the first laboratory CELAB (100 m2)
1997      “CELAB of Massimiliano Bertoldi” is founded

Our Numbers

Over 15 years of experience as a testing laboratory
More than 8.000 issued test reports
More than 2.000 qualified products
More than 600 test methods
More than 3.000 clients all over the world